How to Make Your Photos Look Better Using Photoshop

Cropping and Healing

  1. Open a photo. When opened in Photoshop, it will appear as a layer named Background. The first thing to do before applying any finishing touches is to crop the photo, and remove anything that intrudes on the image. For this tutorial, we’ll begin with this image: Check out
  2. Select the Crop tool (C). Much of the time, our snapshots are taken without a lot of thought to composition. Either we’re just capturing a moment, or are taking a lot of shots in hopes of finding “the one.” Cropping can help you focus a picture on the subject and add a lot of strength to the image.
  3. This image is being cropped using the rule of thirds. The general idea is that a picture is divided into thirds, horizontally and vertically. Important elements of the image should be on or near the lines.
    • You can see the peaks of the mountains are roughly aligned to the vertical lines, while the sky and trees are defined by the horizontal lines. It is felt that this makes a more interesting image than having everything centered.
    • Press Enter to crop the image.
  4. Select the Spot Healing Brush tool (J). Use this to clean up bits of the image that weren’t cropped out, but are distracting. For our test image, we’ll be trimming the trees at bottom left, bottom right, and upper right.
  5. Your image is now prepared for the next step: making it outstanding!

How to Look Good in Photos

Making Your Face Look Good

  1. Stick your chin out. No one looks good with a double chin. To make it less likely you will have a double chin in photos, stretch your neck out, and push your face forward slightly in the photo.
    • To do this, stick your chin and then tilt your head forward. This should reduce the chances you end up with a double chin in photos, as it creates a slimming effect.
    • Imagine that there is a string pulling your nose up to create a more refined jaw line.
  2. Try not to blink. We’ve all been there. The second the camera clicks, you blink, ruining the photo! There is a strategy you can use to reduce the chances this will occur.
    • Asking the photographer to count to three before he or she takes the photograph will help you time this right.
    • Close your eyes fully right before the photo is taken. Open them slowly, just before the camera clicks.
  3. Highlight your eyes and cheeks. It’s a good idea to make your eyes the focal point of any photo. The more you highlight the eyes, the better many people will consider the photo. Defining your cheeks can make a big difference too.
    • If you are female, use mascara on your eye lashes, and curl them, or apply false eyelashes. This will open up your eyes and dramatize them.
    • Filling in your eyebrows with a slightly darker brow pencil will also emphasize your eyes. Remember that people’s features often look lighter in pictures than they do in real life. Apply your makeup in natural light, though, to make sure it looks good and also use primer.
    • To highlight the cheekbones, apply blush and bronzer. Put the blush on the apple of your cheek, and put the bronzer around the outside of your face as well as on your cheekbones.
  4. 4 Smile! People are attracted to radiant smiles. It makes them feel better, and so they are more likely to respond positively to your photograph.
    • To make your smile more natural, take a deep breath, and exhale right before the photo. Keep your jaw open, and make sure not to clench it so you look more relaxed.
    • You can also put your tongue behind your teeth when you smile to increase the natural look. Get someone to tell you a joke, and then have the photographer snap your reaction.

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